7 Questions to Ask on Tinder for Swift Attention

It’s not always easy to keep the heat going, because texting is sometimes the only way out. We are going to discuss here the questions to ask on Tinder for smoothening the conversation. This is different from Tinder openers. Got stuck somewhere in between a conversation? This is your point of reference.

These questions to ask on Tinder for the right match are prepared under the assumption of an average individual’s interests and disinterests. It would be good to use after some initial texting and works best in breaking deadlocks. Also, the questions are deliberately twisted to make the conversation interesting and engaging.

Following are the questions to ask on Tinder

What’s the movie you regret watching? 

It’s a very simple and plain question, but the twist here is the fact that we are not going for the best movie here. That is something they would have been asked a thousand times. A regret makes people think and the chances of response is nearly 100%.

Pancakes, flapjacks or hotcakes?

Everyone has their own choices and getting to know the choices is important. Try and find out the reason for the choice and that’s not it, you might end up fixing a date if you know where to get the best pancakes in the town assuming they adore it.

questions to ask on tinder

FB or Insta?

Leveraging on the power of social media in a unique way. Everyone has an account in these popular social websites. Make use of it, definitely they would be loathing some of the most popular ones. That becomes the cue to an endless string of conversations. And if done perfectly, getting into their other profiles won’t be too difficult.

Chandler or Ross?

Don’t worry if you end up getting Joey. The point is to play it in style, go for it. It comes with a caution thought, don’t go out with them if they are blank on this question. I mean, who on earth doesn’t know about our beloved “friends”.  Definitely the boring ones.

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Do you believe in Ghosts?

Pretty vague. Sounds boring to me. But worth a shot. A strong atheist or theist would have a lot to say.

Are we alone in the universe?

Abstract but some people would be very talkative on this one. It might backfire. You might end up making yourself abnormal. However, if the match responds in a positive way, you have got at least a 24 hours’ conversation package left with you. Move on in the same plethora of topics and questions to ask on tinder will become philosophical.

What are you looking for?

Well! This is one of my favorite questions to ask on tinder. You know the intent of the person, which gives you a lot of time to think and progress. Strangely not all the people give straight answers but we have got our way of dealing with things.

These questions are sure to produce results. They have been designed for an average individual and have a response rate of more than 80% for me. Have more interesting questions? Let us know.







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