The complexity of Tinder Messages

Week in and week after, tinder messages are left unanswered. The chunk of people hosting the prevalent scenario end up disappointed, reprimanding the not so mistaken app.

This carries on. Again and again. If this sounds familiar, then change must come.

Messaging and waiting for a response is an irksome thing to do. But, what’s exactly wrong here? Why is she not interested in typing a few words?

 His Perceptive

 There are some common assumptions we make when we find ourselves in this kind of a scenario. Human tendency is to believe; we have given our best. But is it?

Online dating is not completely new to us. It has been there since ages. The form has just evolved. Getting our fiery hot profile up and running has always been the initial move. Adding every minute detail in the description, hobbies and favorites. Then comes a nicely blended profile picture, with an exotic feel and touch. Obviously abs don’t go away unexposed.

Well, the next thing to do is to blow away every girl’s message box. They have been waiting for us. All our messages have “beautiful” in it and a “what’s up”. We have been trying this line single ages, knowing that it would certainly to make an impact.

Finally, we get that response, but it’s just a single word reply, majorly “nothing much”.

Some women respond with not so engaging messages, with no possible way to converse.

Others don’t even bat an eye and our messages go unanswered. This leaves us oblivious.

There are times when we get lucky, but the chances are slim. What’s exactly happening here? We reach to a conclusion that, the girl’s a player or into boys that are not our kind.

These are just assumptions. We tend to make these assumptions because we have put in our best. Some people understand that they try to be what women want, but still end up not getting replies.

Sometimes we just over do things. We are not at our best. We think a lot before acting. That makes it complicated. We don’t tend to be real or natural. It looks like a fake world to a girl. Breaking this thought would suffice.

Her Perspective

 Alright boys, the reason you don’t get a reply is because she gets plenty of those messages in a single day. This is the most common reason. She’s not a loner at least on Tinder. She’s a celebrity here.

Those cheesy one liners are very common for her. They have probably started to sound boring.

Women are looking for someone who can engage them and establish a connection.

The mistake boys are doing is trying hard to be smart and copying every other guy. The end product, everyone’s smart. Bingo! The dumb takes away the girl.

Apart from these, she would be simply busy. Scanning through 200 unread messages would take time. Deleting them is sometimes the best solution.

They only write back to messages that are different and grab attention. Profile by profile, everything else is filtered.

But how to stand out? How to truly grab her attention?

Pretty Simple, by being different and real.

Tinder Conversations, Get Going. This article here explains the ways you can actually stand out.


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