The difference between Tinder and Real Life Dating

We have witnessed radical transformation in dating since the emergence of online dating applications like Tinder. The success rate, of course varies across the different styles of dating. But what exactly are the things that are different? This article will take you through the nuances of real life dating vis-a-vis Tinder.

Time, the most important asset 

Time has become the most valuable factor when it comes to dating. It is obvious that people are looking to sort out things in a few meets rather than the ever going process traditionally. Tinder is an asset when it comes to saving time. You don’t have to be physically present on a date in Tinder. It would do the work even in toilets. Obviously one or two meets are necessary to verify the person you have been texting since the last few days, if long run is what you’re looking for.

The winner here is Tinder.


If you are someone looking for serious relationship and would like to continue with it on the long run, then Tinder might not be the perfect for you. The environment is very casual and most of the people are not looking for anything serious. The chances of having a valuable relationship is far superior in real life. Real life dating is generally based on references made by friends and accomplices, which reduces the chances of dating a tyrant. Also, a background check on personality and character becomes much easier task in real life. There are generally no roots to the person from Tinder unless there’s a mutual friend from whom cue can be taken.

Real Life wins this one.

Choices, everyone’s dream

In real life we have a very few choices at our disposal. Getting through 20-30 odd people in a span of one or two is nearly impossible. Tinder has brought with it the option to choose among the lot. It’s like searching and identifying for the best T-Shirt in a shopping mall. It might sound easier than done but Tinder has been a game changer in providing more options than real life.

The winner, again, Tinder.

real life tinder

Success Rate 

Success rate is higher when dating is done through references. The chances of a date turning into a potential relationship is much higher in real life.  Although Tinder is efficient in time, it might be tiring. If you don’t know how to use it effectively, it can be an arduous task to even get a match, especially if you are a guy. You might look through my article on No Matches on Tinder Immediate Solutions, if you aren’t having any luck.

This one is for Real life.


We all know where to go for Hookups, it’s Tinder all along. Jumping straight on to hookups won’t upset someone from Tinder. It’s blunt, either a “YES” or “NO” is what you end up getting. Even imagining such a situation in real life would be a crime unless you are a hotshot or make frequent visits to a pub. And it doesn’t stop there. You may go out as many times you like without any strings attached and it is not that tough if you are in a bigger city.

It’s Tinder now.

That makes it 3-2. The two ways of dating are equally entertaining and fun. Overall Tinder might be more effective, but you might choose one based on your needs and requirements.



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