Does tinder work the way you want ?

Tinder has become synonymous with online dating. At a time when everyone is working on their own interest, Tinder might have a lot to offer. “But Does Tinder work?” is up on everyone’s mind. We try to do things fast and expect immediate results, which drives products and services to work towards producing those results. In the age of digital era dating might not have become completely digital but it has certainly undergone drastic changes.

For most of us out there, it is just another online dating tool, but let me tell you, if handled properly, tinder does work the way you want. It might have not worked for some of us, but that doesn’t make it an ineffective tool, it’s just improper handling. Getting matches might make it tough sometimes but that’s only because it is not being used in an effective way.

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Similarly, even after getting matches, people just don’t establish the connect through messages and eventually end up blaming tinder. It has been a dynamic and a game changer. Every right swipe is a chance to create something new, every match is the opportunity to the unexpected. But to be honest, we never really care after a match, how many people have you dated out of all the matches?

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Is it easy? 

Taking it to the next level is the biggest challenge. It might be also because of the fact the unconscious state people are in. Some of us just don’t know why we are there. It is very important to get an objective before getting starting with the swipes. Does Tinder work that easily? Well, it is also not that easy because of the complications associated with people in general.

does tinder work

Guys these days just ruin the whole experience of the app through constant nagging. Spamming a girl with a lot of text doesn’t only offset their own chances but also others. The girl might not take the next guy seriously after having such an experience. Similarly, some just look for hookups and end up spoiling the environment that Tinder intends to embrace. The problem is not with looking for hookups, but with the idea that everyone using Tinder has a similar intention. We need to understand that there are also people who are looking for something serious. Serious relationship is one the stepping stones behind the whole manifestation of Tinder. Respect them and you with get back respect. More that 80% of the guys fail using Tinder because of the above reasons and keep on asking themselves, does tinder work?

The truth is that Tinder can do wonders but needs to be used efficiently. If you are not beautiful, the app might still work for you, considering everything is done rightly. However, it is also true that Tinder is inclined towards girls. It is much easier to get matches for girls than a guy, merely because of the presence of large amount of single guys. The bargaining power is more with a girl, she can afford to make 3-4 right swipes and still get matches. That being said, Does Tinder work? Yes, but only if you know to.

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