Good Tinder Openers for Instant Impression

Hey! Hi! Hello! How you doin’? These are the certainly not the lines that can grab attention as they look to come from a person who has been handling unmatches and rejection all through life.  Good tinder openers have the power to infuse interest immediately and get a date within no time. If you have been struggling lately to get messages even after getting matches, then this guide is what you all boys and girls have been looking for.

Got a Match, but not a Catch 

You might have got the right matches but steering up a conversation is challenging with over 1 billion swipes per day. The best way to start a conversation is by expressing your intent. It is necessary therefore to sort out what you are looking for on tinder, is it fun?, is it hang outs ?, or is it simply getting laid ? For someone looking for fun, good tinder openers can be, “Hey Tinderer, have been looking for a girl who is as exciting as you”. This may not always work but is a huge leap ahead.

good tinder openers

Wittiness is the soul of Tindering 

Wittiness is something that most of us is fond of. Imagine yourself sitting in a lonely room and having someone asking you out with “Hey! Wanna come out for cycling?” or something like “Hey! Wanna make your day interesting?”, easy to choose, aha? The whole idea is to start with something that is not used by many and shows intent and fun at the same time. Wittiness is not only a good tinder opener, it is the best there can be. Girls, especially girls love this, but it is equally adored by boys. You can except a reply almost 90% of the times and it’s not that difficult to use your wit. Then on you can move on to describe your interests and find out what the other person is looking for. The only disadvantage of this method is to continue with the wittiness throughout the conversation.

Question it

Instead of starting with “Hello! What’s up?”, good tinder openers rely on human psychology. We tend to answer, if we are questioned about anything related to us. Leveraging on this simple human psychology can create wonders. Go ahead and ask something related to the person’s profile picture or description. The other party will have an urge to reply as soon as they see your question. Questions have been recorded to be answered around 80% of the times during my personal verification, however, it should be a decent one, neither too aggressive nor too desperate.


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