How to Get Matches on Tinder with the Perfect Profile

The chances of getting more matches seriously depends on the profile. Creating a profile can be tricky. What pictures to be put? How to come up with a good bio?  This article is based on a research conducted by Barts and the London School of Medicine. It aims to determine the chances of converting digital communication on online dating sites into face to face interaction. This clearly will help us in being familiar with how to get matches on tinder with the perfect profile.

Some people just don’t do the things in the right way and blame it on Tinder. But Tinder works only if used skillfully.

Self Obsession

Being self-obsessed is one of the prime reasons of turn downs in real life. Tinder is not much different. While it’s fine to write about yourself in the profile, some space should also be given to what you’re looking for in a match. Research suggests the right break up for this kind of a description should be 70:30. Therefore the first tinder profile tip on how to get matches on tinder would be to ensure the right break up in the bio. A crisp and straightforward bio would be fine.

Humor is delicious 

It’s pretty sacrosanct, but generally guys fail miserably in adding up humor. Be the one with an interesting bio with a little humor. If one can make someone wait and think a bit about the description, then the chances of getting a match on tinder increases drastically.

Also, studies say that laugher is an important factor in initiating and developing a relationship.

Exaggeration is not your friend

Boasting about grades and intelligence is certainly not appreciated. Some people think talking of their high GPAs will get them a date, just don’t. Online dating is more about personality and doing anything towards it would help. Exaggeration in profile photos is also a big NO to how to get matches on tinder.

Photos, The Match Maker

Have you heard of King makers? If yes, Photos are the match makers in online dating. Your prospective match will be ready to compromise on other parameters if you have got this right. Flooding the profile with selfies may make up look like an arrogant personal. Play it simple. Have one or two photos that are simple and of high quality and never forget to smile.  It is also important to include a group photo that gives the message that one is very happy in life. Nobody wants to date a loner. The answer to how to get matches on Tinder with the perfect profile becomes a lot simpler by sticking to the photo rules.  Also, have a dominant body tone, don’t crouch or sit, stand like you the neighborhood boy will full of confidence.


According to Tinder, smiling photos get 14% more matches. If you are really good but don’t have a smiling face, outright rejection becomes easy. Smile a little and tilt the head slightly to get the most anticipated look on Tinder.

A last one for both men and women

Hold on! We won’t call it a day before this last tip that is different for the sexes.

Looking for women? Courage and risk is your answer. Try depicting yourself as a courageous and risk taker. A scuba diving or bike riding photo would suffice.

Looking for men? Red is the answer. Have at least one photo where you are dressed in red. Studies say men are more attracted to red, that increases the chances of getting more matches.

Following all these steps would surely get you more matches. But what next? Do you know how to make them go crazy with messages? Try Good Tinder Openers for Instant Impression.





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