Meeting Someone from Tinder in Person

In the age of right and left swipes, the traditional way of dating has changed. You’re meeting someone you hardly know and that thought is a daring one. Meeting someone from tinder in person is just the beginning of either an obnoxious evening or a fun one. However, to end it on a positive note you need to be prepared.

Get to know them from Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool in providing with the interests and likes of a person. Stalk them as much as you can across all social media platforms. Most of the people use authentic Facebook profiles to log in to Tinder, which makes it easy to find them. If not so, you might consider getting to know at least their names in Tinder messages. The prospect might also not be an authentic one, this will be a good way to verify.

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If they don’t have a single photo, no bio, and no social account liked, rethink, it might turn out to be fake.

meeting someone from Tinder in person

The Apt location

Choose a location that you are comfortable with or have visited at least once in your life. Try to identify a place where both of you have been earlier for your first date. It would help to better manage anxiousness as you be comfortable with the ambience. Locations are really important to get going when meeting someone from Tinder in person. Try not be too romantic with the location you choose for the first date. The focus should be on knowing the person more and a decent location would work out just fine, like a coffee shop.

Be open to Meeting Someone from Tinder in Person

High expectations might ruin the date. Be open to any kind of desynchronization. Most common expectation is meeting up with someone who would look exactly similar to the image uploaded on Tinder. It might be completely the opposite. Have expectations, but neither too high nor too low.

At the same time be open to conversations even if you don’t enjoy the topic. Talk about yourself, likes, dislikes and anything fun. Try to know point of interests of the other person and find out if the person is casually dating or looking for something serious.

Be Smart and Polite

Don’t get too excited and ruin everything. Work on taking things slow. Be well dressed, that is casual and smart at the same time. Don’t be overdressed or wear trousers to the date. Be polite to your date and don’t get into topics that sensitives you easily. Stay away from those kind of topics to make the conversations fun and interesting.

Getting Laid

Most people, especially men consider meeting someone from Tinder in person is the ticket to getting laid. That might not be true in all the cases. Just because it’s a Tinder date, it doesn’t mean the night would end up in sex. Some people out there are looking for serious relationships. Still you might consider playing it slow. Respect your date. Try to find out what they are actually looking for after establishing good rapport. If things get into the sexual way, it’s well and good, if they don’t, Tinder is not about getting laid.

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