No Matches on Tinder Immediate Solutions

Tinder is evolving to be the last mile for all singles out there. It has been very easy for some to get their right match, however, it has been a stumper for others. If you have no matches on tinder, then don’t worry, you are at the right place. Do not despair every time you open the app, the tinder game is quite easy. Even a below average looking person will be able get more likes after going through this post.

The Photo Setback

Well this this the most important part of tinder matches. Have four photos taken in different contexts. You shouldn’t come out as a loner to avoid no matches on tinder. Try to look confident and have a sharp high quality photo. Have at least one pleasing head shot. We should look as confident as possible because we are being traced by strangers. The biggest reason why people get no matches on tinder is because they come out as boring, make yourself look happening. Try and find one which picture works out best for you by making changes once in a while.

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Look Happening

Out of the four photos, have one which shows you to be very happy in your life and an exciting person to hang out with, a picture of you maybe sporting volleyball or with a guitar. This increases the chances of getting more matches drastically. Everyone likes to go out with the most popular guy or girl in college, only because they are the one’s who are active and keep themselves engaged. Depict yourself to be someone like them. It shouldn’t come out as tinder is your last resort to all the dating hazards.

A Creative Bio

Bios are an intriguing part of the Tinder game. They have the power to make or break a castle. Be different than those boring repetitive bios you come across. It should be something that instigates the reader to know more. It should not be something where you come out as desperately trying to look funny or creative, that would be the ticket to no matches on tinder. You may have it short or long depending on how much interest it can generate. However having a short two or three liner bio is recommendable because most people don’t have time to go through a long bio and its difficult to generate that kind of interest. One example of an interesting bio would be, “The only thing lower than my standards is my self esteem“.

Increase Exposure

Don’t forget to take the benefits of Tinder settings. Increase the mile rage in the app setting to increase the chances of covering more people. Depending on the taste, you might also consider making changes to the preferred age, again to reach out to more people. People generally are not aware of these setting and end up getting no matches on tinder. You might also consider increasing the swipe right rate to get exposure to other people. There might be hidden gems, you never know.

Hopefully this helps you in getting more matches on Tinder. One last tip, always have your recent photo, to avoid surprising the other person when you meet up.





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