One more swipe and it will all end

Why isn’t everyone falling in love with me?

So I had a rough start to online dating in my town. The 2nd date girl didn’t work out. Luckily I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. Determined not to allow my newly formed dating muscles atrophy…I continued to date while seeing Second date girl. I went on about 8 first dates in 8 weeks including her. 7 out of 8 of them were completely forgettable.

Let’s be okay with mutually totally not being into each other.

Your friends make you feel like a super star. After rejection we tell each other, “oh boy, her’re so funny and so cute and so smart.” This is likely true. You should believe it.

But hey, Tinder Swipe #30 doesn’t know shit about you and you’ve got 30-45 minutes to make an impression while you talk in that voice that you reserve for complete strangers. The funny thing is, you’ve probably both determined within the first 5 minutes if this date could end with a spank and a tickle.

Just one..more…swipe…

I wonder if the sheer volume of profiles and matches out there make us quicker to dismiss lack of chemistry. We are a swipe away from someone we actually could have a connection with (sexual at the very least). In the old days, did we all give each other a chance, not knowing when the next love interest would be? I remember when I met my ex-girlfriend, none of this shit was around. If I wanted to date other people, that would be work. I’d have to put on an outfit and put out the vibe at a bar. Now? I can swipe in the dim lighting of my apartment with no pants on.

So there, I don’t know the answer, but I’m learning more about myself as I navigate the swamp of online dating. I’m obviously guilty of making these snap decisions and completely okay with others doing it to me. But hell, is that sad?

Still waiting for one more swipe won’t hurt.

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