Picking up the Right Tinder Profile Picture for yourself

With so many options, selecting the right tinder profile picture can be tricky. This article articulates the best ways to play with profile pictures and maximize the match count. Industry observers say that profile pictures form the most important criteria in case of swipes. People don’t undervalue the significance of tinder profile pictures, but they tend to either under-do or under-do them. Understanding the fundamentals is important to not only woo others, but also to be impactful.

Attractiveness never goes unrewarded on Tinder, so maximizing it with the help of profile pictures is the first hand job.

The adequate number

The favorable number would be 3-4. It is not necessary to fill all six slides. 3 to 4 photos help in gaining maximum attention without too much of deviation. The magic number, of course, is 4. I get the most number of matches with 4 photos, however, the results with 3 aren’t that bad either.

The worst pic depicts the real you

On tinder, it is not get easy to get away with one bad profile picture. You get judged by the worst photo. Be careful. Never upload a tinder profile picture that you think is not good enough. It is enough to spill the milk. The suggestion here would be to upload only those photos that are good enough.

tinder profile picture

Smiling is the core

The easiest thing that solves most of the problems in the world is a simple smile. The situation is not much different on Tinder. Don’t forget to smile in at least one of the tinder profile pictures. Tinder reports that profiles with smiling photos get 14% more matches than the normal ones. Smile and look at the camera.

Look at and away 

Looking at and away from the camera are equally important. In case of the smiling photo, it is important to look at the camera, as it exposes the entire face, looks impactful and confident. Directly looking at the camera increase the chances of getting matches by 20%.  It is equally important to have a photo where you are looking away from the camera and not smiling. This will create the right blend for an overall killer portfolio. These kind of pictures are not easy to pull through and therefore are not indispensable.

Beginning and the end

A movie can make a lasting impression if the beginning and the ending is drooling. Same is the case on Tinder. Have a great first and last photo. People often do the mistake of putting the worst photo at the end. Don’t just fall into that trap. By the time someone reaches the last one, they might have forgotten the main photo that got them to check out the profile. Having the worst photo in between the first and last is better than having it at the end. The last photo creates a lasting impact, because it is what they see most recently.

NO Hard edits

Go easy on filters and edits. If you think the other person won’t reckon your impeccable editing skill set, you might be wrong. People don’t like to see photos with extensive editing and it’s clearly visible. It gives the impression that the person is either fake or a despo.

Additional Info

Say NO to a tinder profile picture with opposite sex and selfies as main photo.

Say YES to pets and group photos (one would be enough)



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