Tinder conversations: Get Going

Once you get a few matches (which shouldn’t take too long should you have any decent pictures) you can get chatting. Tinder conversations can be tough to initiate. no ‘3 day rule’ applies here

Two things to remember though:

(1) Don’t go the creepy route straight off like a few people (no ‘hey baby, want to touch me?’), and..

(2) Don’t have the generic ‘hey’ ‘whats up?’ or ‘how are you’ that a girls going to get from EVERYONE.

Of course you can get responses off that. And i’d argue a ‘whats up?’ is better than a strange creepy message that shows you’ve invested so much in a silly tinder message (I mean which person who’s got a lot going on, and is the highest value guy a girl can get takes it THAT seriously, come on; you can argue, but that’s how it appears a lot of the time)

Initial Messages

Send an Initial message to get tinder conversations started. It could be one of a number of things:

  • (1) Something you find funny, a song lyric that amuses you and that you feel the girl might be able to continue. Or just something that’s brief,
  • (2) but shows you’re not a boring generic guy like all the others OR a person thats going to die alone without tinder. (REMEMBER THESE AND YOU SHOULD BE GOOD… 80% of the time)

tinder conversations

Not Too Fast, But not Too Slow (Move Forward)

Continue tinder conversations a bit to see if you get on with the girl if at all.

THEN ask where’s she from as soon as possible, when it’s appropriate.. to start establishing the logistics. Which you’ll want to start doing as soon as possible.

(It’s very important part as most guys will forget.. They want to be ‘nice’ and just go on with back and forth small talk for ages. Nothing too risky).

It’s boring for them, and it’s boring for the girl.

No one wins.

Fast forward 6 months down the line and you’ll still be telling her how funny it is that she likes salted popcorn.. or asking what she likes most about her History of Mediterranean Culture class.  No chance or sign of EVER meeting up.

Don’t be that guy.

On the same note- DON’T be the guy that pushes for a meet up 3 seconds into the conversation either.

Give it time to breathe.

Enjoy the tinder conversations- light and fun at all times.. But at the same time,  slowly amp it forward as well. The conversation I had here is a good example of that.

It doesn’t fail.

Good moving convo forward- not just staying talking about fluff; ask how moving it forward. want to quickly (But not too quickly) get a feel of situation/ possibility to meet up etc.

Nature of tin; the longer you leave things going, longer can drag out till nothing.

Spikes in Tinder Conversations

One good way to ensure you keep moving tinder conversations forward without fail is with ‘spikes’ in the conversation.

You can ask the most boring questions ever, that doesn’t matter. Just always make sure you break the boring questions up with the occasional spikes now and then. 

When you do add a spike, as you’ll see just now… don’t dwell on it. It can be a sexual spike, something just out of the blue. But then move on… almost like it didn’t happen.

The effect would have been had already.

As mentioned before, this is something you’ll want to constantly be pushing for.

Vibe a bit, spike the conversation a few times… but always be figuring out logistics.

Vital rule.

Don’t let it come off as too forced, but always be finding out more.

What you say next are determined largely by the logistics you prod for.

Seal The Deal 

Now understandably after having conveyed to her that you’re a decent guy, and capable of being someone she could meet up with, you want to actually suggest a meet up… you’ve been actively finding out logistics at this point and would definitely have some idea of what you could go for.

Is she working all week?… but dying to relax a bit? How about suggesting a coffee to her? Has she just been lying in bed the whole week, and lives close to you? A movie indoors might work. You should have the feel for the situation and this point.

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