How does tinder work in getting the right partner

Tinder is a very easy to use online dating app for people who prefer internet dating. On most dating sites any person can message you, but with Tinder, only a user you have liked can get in contact with you. The Tinder app matches people who like each other based on looks which reduces chances of rejection. If you are still asking, how does tinder work, the interface is smooth and easy.

After you have finished setting up your profile you just scroll through the pictures of people within the same geographic area and pick a person that you find attractive. If the other person also likes you, then you have a match and you can start Tinder chatting directly from the app. Here are the detailed steps to follow on how to set up Tinder and how does Tinder work.

how does tinder work

How does Tinder work (in detail)

  1. You can download the Tinder app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or you can download the app directly from the Tinder site. The Tinder dating app is free to use.
  2. Tinder needs your Facebook profile to create a Tinder account. Log in using your Facebook account, just make sure your Facebook profile is setup accurately so your Tinder profile will also be accurate. Tinder will link you up with friends of your facebook friends or nearby people in your geographic area.
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook installed in order to use Tinder. Because Tinder uses your Facebook data it’s smart to update your Facebook profile info like your age, location, short description, interests and profile photos. If you have hidden your age on Facebook it won’t show on your Tinder profile. Also make sure that your photos can be seen by Facebook friends.
  4. Pick good photos, it’s the first thing that Tinder users will look at, you have to make sure you have 2 or 3 good photos that associate with your account, act natural. It would be better that you are the only one on the photos, it can give the wrong impression if you have pictures with a person of the opposite sex. Also the photos should be clear, not blurry. Have some pictures of different angles which show off your hobbies and interests, like a picture of you at the beach, hiking photo. If you have a picture of you and a dog it can be very helpful, especially if the dog is very cute.
  5. Edit your Tinder profile, try to keep the profile description and tagline short and sweet. If you don’t know what to write, just leave it blank. Most of the people are only looking at the photos anyway.
  6. Save your profile and you’re done. Get ready to start making Tinder matches.
  7. Click the Settings menu and go to the upper-left corner. The menu options includes Profile, Home, Messaging, Settings and Invite. Within the Settings menu you can setup your preferred gender, proximity for matches and more…
  8. Choose your gender. To get the best matches it’s important to let users know you are male or female.
  9. Specify the proximity option and choose how wide the geographic distance for potential matches who use the app. If you have trouble finding matches you can try setting the geographic area to a larger distance. You need to have your GPS enabled to use Tinder.
  10. Specify the preferred age range you are willing to have as your partner.
  11. Choose the preferred gender or if you like both genders you can set it to both.
  12. Finally, Choose how you want to be notified (turn the vibration of your phone on or off when Tinder sends you a notification) when you receive a message or when a match has been made.

How does Tinder work will be an easy question for now. But is it working the way we want it to ?

Don’t forget, be yourself and try to stay positive so don’t be rude and stay nice. On the other end of the app there is a real human so keep it friendly.

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