Types of Girls you find on Tinder

No dating system is complete without the most sought after sex, female. Tinder delivers an interface that allows easy connections, making it an equal ground for both male and female. But does that really happen? No, it’s because of the presence of different types of girls. Yeah! It is much different from real life dating. Once you open up a Tinder profile and starting liking, you should be vivid on what’s there on the other side. This few things would definitely help out.

There is no doubt that Tinder works, after due diligence I have broadly classified the types of girls that one can come across. The unfortunate thing here is that the girls whom guys look for are very less in number. But the right ones are always there, don’t panic.

Girls are not your type (50%)

Well, well ! This must be surprising but it’s the truth. Most of the girls seen would not be what you are looking for.

The girl is only hot on Tinder (70%). With the advancement of photo editing programs, even toddlers can make themselves look much better. Same is the case here. Everyone has a photo editing app installed on their phone now and they do really work magically. Don’t just get waived by her Tinder photos, seek for other social profile. Having a smart looking profile photo is obviously one of the tips we highly emphasize on getting more matches.

The girl isn’t normal (30%). One of the biggest flaws of Tinder dating. You might not see normal people too ofter. Some of them are self-obsessed, feel all hight of themselves and other are astronomically calm. It’s always better to have good amount of conversation before meeting up.

Girls don’t take Tinder seriously (20%)

The girl is only there to burn time (50%). It’s true for every one of us. Sometimes we struggle to pass time, Tinder has turned out to be quite good for some girls. Can there be any better way to kill time by sitting in front of an app where you keep on getting appraisals?

The girl is looking for some appraisal (50%). Boys go all guns blazing coming up with their best lines to woo her. Sometimes it feels really good to hear those kind of cheesy and amazing things about yourself even though we are aware it’s fake. That’s what they are looking for sometimes.

Girls are looking for fun (15%) 

If your ears standup to hookups, these 20% will make your day. These types of girls are looking for fun and are equally Ok with the idea of hookup. They belong to the liberal mindset and are mostly not judgmental. If getting laid is the only objective, you won’t be disappointed. However, they are few in numbers.

Girls are serious (15%)

There are serious users of Tinder also. These types of girls are looking to get into serious relationships and are to dating and hanging out if sometime substantiate can come out of all the time they invest. They would like to meet up and like to know more about you before taking any serious step. So, that they can convince themselves that you the right guy.

True, it won’t remain the same everywhere. The statistics change with cities. However, on an average it would be almost the same with 5%-10% differences depending on your location.

Hope this makes Tindering easier for all your guys out there.





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