How to use Tinder for relationships that have a Meaning

Often seen as the emperor of hookups, Tinder has become synonymous with casual dating. It’s true that majority of the users are looking for hookups, but there are also people looking for serious relationships. I have met quite a few people who stuck up through Tinder. However, these people are not many and there’s gold to be mined. Using Tinder for relationships can be very effective in finding the right person with these few tips. Let’s just head on.

Don’t be fake 

It’s not easy to be real on Tinder, is it? Not showing the real you can only spoil your chances. Relationships are about loving a person for what they are. Try to have a photo that reflects the actual you, with not so much edits. Stay genuine. Don’t lie about anything you are not is the secret of effectively using tinder for relationships and falling in love.

Profile Pictures and Bio

Having a profile picture with lots of make up and edits is not advisable. It might be a good move for soliciting hookups, but not when looking for love. The ground rule is to have a smart looking and decent picture, with a smile (it’s really important).  

Put up a bio describing interests and exactly what you are looking for on Tinder. A catchy line might not be a great solution while looking for love. Only asking for serious relationships would grab plenty of attention from the right people.

tinder for relationships

Try to know about them 

Try to know more and more about them, inquire about their interests, likes, dislikes and everything you can think of from the dictionary. The objective is to find compatibility and also, people like it when others want to know more about them. Try not be too intruding into their private life initially. Why they are on Tinder ? What is their profession ? What are the short term and long term goals?

Share your qualities 

One of the most important things in using tinder for relationships is standing out from the crowd. Sharing qualities requires some conversation skill. If you are a book lover, start the conversation with some popular titles that everyone knows about. If the other party seems interested explore deeper and share more titles that you have read. The best qualities that you look for in your partner should be your first possession. Try banking on those qualities. Also, share your major achievements in life. It should not sound like an exaggeration.

Go out on a date

Going on a date is the best way to show seriousness and know about compatibility. The best way to meeting someone from Tinder in person is about selecting the right location and preparedness. This is being done since ages, so there’s not much left to talk about it. If the date goes well, go out on a couple more till you are sure of taking it long term.

Patience is the key 

Using tinder for relationships is a tedious job. It might take a lot of patience and perseverance in finding the right one. Most of the people using Tinder are in the casual dating mode and the catch here is to find the right match. This might consume some time. Everything being said, people have constantly fallen in love from Tinder, so keep trying. 



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